ANSR is a global consulting brand, weaving innovation, global enterprise talent, and workforce transformation into the fabric of businesses on a global scale. The brand has partnered with various companies to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate sustainable growth in the market.

ANSR approached Line Digital with the aim of optimizing its search engine rankings, resulting in increasing business queries through a substantial surge in organic traffic.


In initiating their strategic endeavours within the SEO domain, Line Digital implemented a comprehensive solution, intricately designed to fine-tune technical intricacies and heighten online prominence.


  • The journey was initiated with the purposeful relocation of the IP from India to the US. This move, extending beyond a mere change in geography, strategically heightened visibility, resulting in a significant surge in impressions within the pivotal US regions, including other countries.
  • A diligent content audit unveiled rich SEO opportunities, leading to the targeted optimization of 17 service/solution pages and over 90 blog pages. Meta tags underwent a strategic overhaul across 172+ web pages, creating a well-adjusted online presence by coordinating digital elements.
  • Shifting focus to off-page SEO, the strategy revolved around crafting a robust backlink profile, strategically weaving 2348 backlinks from handpicked high authority sites. The backlinks demonstrated notable growth, ascending to a commendable 5.2K. Simultaneously, an accurate cleanup operation addressed 221 spam domains, placing a premium on quality over quantity in the digital footprint. This dual-focused approach underscores the steadfast commitment not just to a strong but a reputable online presence, reflecting the unwavering dedication to excellence in the digital realm.
  • The strategic approach also included a technical audit, bringing together the collaborative efforts of the SEO team. In this orchestrated endeavor, issues were carefully addressed, and optimization opportunities were unveiled, employing a holistic approach to refine the infrastructure of the website.


The subsequent results illustrate the success of this collaborative effort in achieving and exceeding strategic objectives.

  • A remarkable surge unfolded, with total users increasing by an impressive 38.34%, paralleled by a substantial 34.59% rise in page views.
  • Total sessions witnessed a substantial 66% increase, showcasing significant growth in performance.
  • Organic user engagement experienced a notable uptick, ascending from 23,000+ to a robust 30,000+.
  • Organic impressions saw a significant 100% increase, soaring from the first six months (Nov 2022 – Apr 2023) to the following half-year (May 2023 – Oct 2023).
  • The digital footprint expanded significantly, with referring domains increasing from 200+ to an impressive 500+.


Line Digital’s well-crafted strategies and effective implementation have been pivotal in catapulting ANSR to unprecedented heights of success in SEO. ANSR’s vision, harmonized with Line Digital’s specialized expertise, transcended the attainment of key performance indicators. This synergy resulted not only in meeting but surpassing benchmarks, leading to a substantial surge in organic traffic and consolidating the brand’s prominence in search engine rankings. The collaborative journey signifies an enduring commitment to adapt proactively to the dynamic shifts within the industry landscape, positioning ANSR as a frontrunner among other competitive platforms.