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The Jiffy team identified audience engagement and demand generation as pivotal campaign objectives tailored for the Australian market.


To fulfill their objectives, Line Digital initiated its engagement strategy by orchestrating precise and well-structured campaigns on behalf of We strategically utilized Sponsored Posts to introduce the Jiffy brand to the Australian audience, aiming to capture their attention and facilitate deeper interactions.

Following a defined 15-day engagement phase, Line Digital seamlessly transitioned into executing comprehensive demand generation campaigns for These campaigns provided detailed insights into’s offerings, aiming to generate interest, leads, and drive demand for the brand’s products and services.

The campaign assets garnered significant traction, surpassing expectations with a remarkable 36% improvement in results. This traction reflects the successful resonance of the brand messaging and assets with the Australian audience, showcasing Line Digital’s expertise in crafting effective digital marketing strategies.

Topic Selection and Market Research

We initiated the process with meticulous topic selection, collaborating closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to identify engaging and relevant topics aligned with both market demands and the expectations of the Australian sales team. Extensive research on the Australian market and competitors provided deep insights into the landscape.

Campaign Optimization

Utilizing insights from comprehensive market and competitor research, we employed A/B/C testing to refine messaging and creatives, ensuring maximum effectiveness across diverse target regions within Australia.

Performance Optimization and Strategic Investment

Continuous performance optimization was integral to our approach. We analyzed campaign performance and made data-driven adjustments, resulting in consistent enhancements in Form Fills and a reduction in Cost Per Form Fill.

Finally, we prioritized high-performing assets and phased out underperforming campaigns, reallocating resources to optimize returns and align with our strategic objectives.


Our strategic solutions yielded impressive and rapid results in the Australian market:

  • Line Digital executed over 80 targeted campaigns, designed to maximize brand impact, reaching over 2,200 target accounts within Australia.
  • These campaigns generated over 30 million impressions and drove exceptional engagement rates in the Australian B2B landscape, with content engagements surpassing 1.2 million.
  • The success of these campaigns is evidenced by the acquisition of 300 high-value leads, indicating significant potential for multi-million dollar revenue generation.
  • Our integrated omnichannel strategy maximized engagement and yielded substantial cost efficiencies, saving over $30,000 in campaign spending through prudent budget management and effective spending optimization, without compromising reach or impact.


Line Digital’s mastery of direct demand generation in the Australian market was achieved through meticulous planning and exhaustive research, resulting in remarkable outcomes. In-depth research and careful topic selection significantly bolstered click-through rates and led to exceptional conversion rates. The exceptional outcomes left the client highly satisfied, prompting an extension of the campaign duration to continue the successful momentum.