R3set is a partnership involving Venus Remedies Ltd, an Indian pharmaceutical company renowned for its research-driven approach and global presence. By merging nanotechnology advancements with natural herbal essential oils, R3set provides natural pain relief solutions that promote mobility, alleviate discomfort, and instill confidence and comfort. Despite its unique value proposition, the brand lacked a digital presence tailored to engage Australian consumers on their buying journey.


Line Digital initiated the process by conducting extensive research, including a thorough brand study, competitor analysis, and collaborative workshops with the R3SET team, to outline a tailored strategy aligned with the Australian market’s needs.


  • Line Digital meticulously crafted the brand narrative, developed go-to-market strategies, and curated a digital experience conducive to product discovery and sales, specifically tailored for the Australian audience.
  • The team conducted thorough research and audits to optimize the digital experience, aligning it with marketing and business objectives in the Australian context. Working closely with the R3SET team, Line Digital gained insights into their values, target audience, and objectives, enabling the creation of a strategy tailored for the Australian market. Additionally, they assessed the brand’s digital footprint and identified areas for enhancement to resonate effectively with Australian consumers.
  • A comprehensive competitor analysis was conducted to glean insights into successful strategies and areas for differentiation from competitors, shaping an effective strategy for R3SET’s presence in Australia.
  • With a robust strategy in place, Line Digital focused on enhancing the digital experience for R3SET’s target audience in Australia. This involved developing an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website facilitating seamless product discovery tailored for Australian consumers.
  • They also implemented a content marketing strategy tailored for precise benchmarking, audience creation, and persona-based targeting across social platforms popular in Australia. This approach bolstered R3SET’s credibility and fostered trust among Australian potential customers.
  • To drive website traffic, Line Digital executed a strategic marketing approach encompassing social media advertising (WhatsApp, Emails, etc.), search engine optimization, and lead generation, with a specific focus on Australian demographics and interests.


  • The collaboration between Line Digital and R3SET yielded impressive outcomes in the Australian market. Line Digital served 185 million impressions, engaged 3.7 million Australian individuals, and acquired thousands of customers within a short timeframe.
  • The digital experience optimization strategy implemented by Line Digital contributed to increased sales and revenue for R3SET, specifically in the Australian market.
  • The website witnessed over 64,000 total page views from Australian visitors, with an average of 43,000 views per month.
  • Brand awareness campaigns and highly targeted engagement videos amassed over 25 million impressions and garnered 2 million views from Australian audiences.


Through digital experience optimization and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored for the Australian market, Line Digital facilitated remarkable achievements for R3SET in engaging Australian consumers. This collaboration underscores the efficacy of personalized digital marketing approaches and the importance of integrated strategies customized for the Australian audience. The utilization of an integrated marketing lifecycle enhances brand value, elevates customer experience, refines targeting efforts, and augments ROI in the Australian market.