R3SET, a pharmaceutical brand specializing in pain relief products, is committed to delivering impactful solutions for pain management, helping individuals reclaim their daily lives and fostering a profound sense of well-being.

Strategically aligning with Line Digital, R3SET aimed to enhance its website’s search engine positioning, ultimately boosting brand visibility and attracting more visitors to its website.


Line Digital devised an SEO strategy that not only surpassed traditional approaches but also represented an innovative leap in digital optimization.

Building upon this framework, the subsequent process unfolded with strategic precision to bring the SEO strategy to fruition.


  • Thorough analysis of high-intent and high-performing keywords from paid campaigns, search console data, and Google research tools to select the most impactful keywords for organic website optimization. This involved prioritizing keywords for maximum impact.
  • Developing a technologically advanced yet user-friendly website architecture to ensure fast loading times and optimal search performance.
  • Implementing a focused website architecture with content centered around core keywords and products to compete effectively in the competitive pharmaceutical industry within a short timeframe.
  • Creating a comprehensive link distribution strategy integrated with all marketing activities (PR, influencer collaborations, etc.) to generate hundreds of impactful backlinks each month.
  • Seamlessly integrating SEO efforts with campaigns, analytics, and research tools to gain comprehensive insights into the impact across all SEO activities.


  • Attained top positions across 250+ brand keyword combinations.
  • Achieved topmost positions across 1300+ business keyword combinations.
  • Experienced a 10x increase in impressions for business keywords.
  • Achieved a 10x increase in organic visitors (thousands of visitors) within six months.
  • Increased backlinks to 7,000+ within six months.
  • Improved website health score to an outstanding 98%.


Through collaborative efforts with Line Digital, R3SET underwent a significant digital transformation, achieving heightened organic visibility, strengthened website authority, and a substantial increase in user engagement. Line Digital’s strategic SEO initiatives resulted in top-tier search rankings, a significant uptick in organic impressions, and improved conversion rates, firmly establishing R3SET’s success in the Australian digital landscape.