Senseforth, a renowned Generative Conversational AI platform, is dedicated to empowering  enterprises by enhancing efficiency and revenue through cutting-edge conversational AI. It envisions a future where organizations wholeheartedly embrace this transformative technology to facilitate meaningful interactions with their customers, employees, and all stakeholders across .

The Senseforth team aimed to explore lead generation opportunities across multiple geographies, including the US, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, , and India.


The Line Digital Team collaborated closely with the Senseforth team, conducting extensive research and brainstorming sessions to identify industry and product gaps. Together, we built specific assets to enhance trust factors along the digital journey for  consumers.

We executed multiple campaigns tailored for the  market, including:

  • Lead Generation via a Downloadable Playbook: Line Digital implemented an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for Senseforth, focusing on creating a comprehensive ‘Generative Conversational AI’ playbook. This strategy involved extensive research and meticulous asset design to provide a valuable resource for the  target audience.
  • Direct Demand Generation for Demo Requests Through an Interactive Landing Page: We designed an interactive landing page simulating chatbot interactions to provide visitors with an engaging and hands-on experience. All creatives and copywriting were crafted to deploy the intended call to action effectively.
  • Magic Quadrant Recognition: The campaign aimed to augment brand awareness by highlighting Senseforth’s acknowledgement in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms. An interactive landing page simulating chatbot interactions was created to engage visitors effectively. Additionally, a dedicated landing page was developed to maximize the impact of Senseforth’s recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • Audience Segmentation: We segmented the  audience into Decision Makers, Influencers, and Initiators, tailoring campaigns to resonate with their specific needs and preferences.
  • Learning Phase: The campaigns underwent an initial learning phase, allowing us to fine-tune and optimize them for maximum effectiveness.


The collaboration between Line Digital and Senseforth yielded outstanding results tailored for the  market:

  • Over 20 targeted campaigns were launched, maximizing brand impact in various countries.
  • The campaigns garnered an impressive 10 million+ impressions across various platforms, resonating with the  audience effectively.
  • Content engagement surpassed 300,000 B2B engagements, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the  audience’s attention.
  • The campaigns generated 27 high-value leads, potentially leading to significant revenue opportunities in the  market.
  • The integrated omnichannel strategy saved over $20,000 in campaign expenditure, ensuring efficient resource utilization while maximizing campaign impact.


Senseforth’s multi-campaign strategy, orchestrated in collaboration with Line Digital, surpassed expectations in the  market. The success was attributed to a profound understanding of campaign objectives and the development of tailor-made assets. Interactive landing pages and comprehensive playbooks captivated the audience, leading to successful conversions and underscoring the potency of strategic marketing execution.