Wipro is a renowned global information technology, consulting, and business process services organization committed to delivering comprehensive solutions. With a focus on empowering clients to harness the full potential of digital technology for their transformative journey, Wipro is a leader in its field.

Wipro partnered with Line Digital with the strategic objective of enhancing its brand visibility and generating business interest across Target and Prospect Accounts through a dynamic search engine marketing approach.


Line Digital devised an extensive digital marketing strategy for Wipro tailored to the Australian market and spanning various service lines and industries.

Our multifaceted approach encompassed Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies across search engines such as Google, GDN, and Bing, deeply integrated with leading Marketing technologies (Martech) tools including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Demandbase, Zoominfo, Bombora, Hotjar, Pardot, Salesforce CRM, IP Targeting, and Zip code targeting, among others. We employed a multi-funnel, multi-touchpoint strategy specifically targeting Individual & Growth accounts with compelling, personalized messaging.

Targeted campaigns were meticulously customized to suit various Australian geographies (cities and ZIP codes), languages, and demographics, with highly specific messaging addressing pain points based on user intent or keywords. The aim was to drive a projected call to action through specialized landing pages tailored for the Australian audience.

Strategic Targeting and Retargeting

Utilizing advanced tactics like radius targeting and geofencing, we achieved precision in targeting specific Australian accounts. This precision resulted in a notable 45% reduction in unnecessary expenditure while achieving an impressive 32% increase in leads.

Effective Audience Segmentation

Our expertise shone through in the effective utilization of GDN In-market audiences, Affinity Audiences, and Demographic targeting specifically tailored for the Australian market. Skillful audience segmentation contributed to a significant elevation in brand awareness and engagement, resonating effectively with the Australian target audience.


Line Digital swiftly launched over 100 targeted campaigns within a few months, meticulously crafted to maximize brand impact in the Australian market. Key strategies included:

  • Highly targeted messaging aligned with the communication stage of Australian accounts
  • Specially designed engagement assets (Whitepapers, Articles, Case Studies, Videos) tailored for the Australian audience
  • Utilization of MarTech stack including Demandbase, Pardot, Campaign Manager, Adobe Analytics, and data segmentation tools
  • Implementation of campaign optimization tools tailored for the Australian market

These campaigns garnered over 200 million impressions, leaving a significant impact across 5000+ target accounts in Australia. The efforts resulted in more than 2 million B2B content engagements and drove 1.2 million visitors to the website, generating 600+ business leads with 100+ high-value business leads each representing multi-million dollar sales across the targeted 10,000 accounts in Australia. Additionally, thousands of assets were downloaded from the website, further enhancing engagement.

Moreover, our work directly impacted multiple ongoing engagements, creating numerous upselling and cross-selling opportunities for Wipro. Through expert utilization of MarTech, real-time analytics, and campaign optimization, we saved over $150,000 in campaign spending, ensuring maximum impact for each dollar invested in the Australian market.


Line Digital played a pivotal role in effectively addressing Wipro’s diverse marketing objectives in the Australian market. Through innovative implementation of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Regular Targeting campaigns, our performance marketing endeavors significantly contributed to achieving global marketing objectives and driving conversions in Australia.

Our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence enabled Wipro to maximize brand visibility, reach high-potential prospect accounts, and boost conversions in the Australian market. Line Digital’s expertly crafted campaigns elevated Wipro’s market presence and drove growth and engagement on a global scale, positioning Wipro as a leader in the Australian digital landscape.