Wipro, a global technology leader, collaborated with Line Digital to achieve key objectives in the domains of Reach, Relevance, and Popularity. The brand aimed to establish search engine dominance and enhance its brand and product visibility in the market.

The initiative involved directing a high-intent audience to the website, aligning marketing efforts with the specific needs and interests of the target audience. Subsequently, the focus shifted to improving online engagement metrics, including increasing content consumption time, encouraging asset downloads, and generating leads.


Line Digital executed a meticulously planned and strategic SEO campaign to achieve these objectives. This comprehensive approach highlighted Wipro’s dedication to enhancing its online visibility, brand recognition, and overall competitiveness in the dynamic digital landscape.


Line Digital advanced Wipro’s SEO objectives through a meticulous three-step process.

  • The initial phase focused on optimizing the website’s technology for search engines. This involved a comprehensive overhaul, addressing dynamic technology and server setup optimization, refining website code, URL structures, breadcrumbs, and redirections to align with search trends. Additionally, a tailored technology strategy for SEO, including documentation optimization, was developed, with ongoing technical reviews ensuring sustained performance.
  • The second phase concentrated on enhancing content relevance for search engines. We meticulously analyzed keywords for more than 5000 pages, audited content structures, and devised a holistic optimization strategy tailored for the Australian market. Dynamic content optimization techniques were employed, including workshops to equip the content team with essential skills for sustained success.
  • This phase also included the optimization of dynamic meta tags, breadcrumb elements, and custom meta tags across the extensive website. We worked towards deeper content integrations within the website code and fostered cross-connectivity through insights relevant to the Australian audience.
  • In the final phase, an effective link-building strategy was implemented, leveraging opportunities from events, partnerships, PR initiatives, and other relevant functions. The process included a meticulous cleanup of toxic links, contextual link building, and a comprehensive backlinks audit for both brand and competitors, focusing on the Australian market.


  • We targeted 6,000+ core keywords with 140,000+ combinations to optimize Wipro’s search traffic, broadening its digital presence in several countries, including Australia.
  • Results included first-rank positions for 1,200+ keywords and page-one rankings for 2,700+ keywords, showcasing the significant impact on search engine rankings in the market.
  • An impressive 85% increase in pageviews reflected the quality of visitors to the website, demonstrating the success of Line Digital’s efforts in driving targeted and meaningful engagement among audiences.
  • Wipro experienced a remarkable 600% monthly increase in organic search traffic in the Australian market, highlighting the sustained benefits of the collaboration with Line Digital.
  • Wipro.com also received a 400% increase in downloads (Whitepapers, Brochures, Case studies, etc.) from visitors.
  • SEO efforts contributed towards building up a Billion Dollar + healthy sales pipeline, reflecting the impact on Wipro’s business growth.


Line Digital’s three-step strategy enhanced Wipro’s SEO performance in the market, optimizing website technology, building content relevance, and enhancing link popularity. The partnership strengthened Wipro’s market positioning in countries like Australia, establishing search engine dominance and elevating brand visibility. The tangible success with SEO surpassed expectations, from impacting the sales pipeline to positioning the brand prominently in the competitive digital landscape Down Under.